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EM-GE pistol firing signal flare,tear,gas,blanks


LISTED May 15, 2019

UPDATED Sep 27, 2019

Sarasota, Florida

Very good



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Admin (37)

Rare Nazi Era. EM-GE starting pistol was used start German Olympic in 1938. German made over under pistol for firing of flares or tear gas cartridges. The 2 1/4 inxh smoothbore barrels tip up for loading and manual ejection. Marked on the left side, (Cal .320). It will actually chamber 32 Short Colt cartridges. The right is marked (EM-GE Mod 5). Gerstenberger & Eberwein of Gussenstadt, Germany manufactured firearms and starter pistols since the late 1930's. Eventually these were banned from import into the US by the gun control act of 1968. Some of these weapons were used as private purchased emergency weapons for pilots. It could fire a signal flare or a 320 Lang Knall gas cartridge, (chloroacetophenone) cartridge. I have original box in Fair condition This functions perfectly and is actually very well made. It is double action with an internal rotating firing pin that simply alternates bewteen barrel sfiring them in turn. Must be 18 to purchase) U.S. ONLY

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