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NPEA Students Dagger Karl Burgsmüller Berlin


LISTED Jul 01, 2019

UPDATED Sep 27, 2019

Tampa, Florida




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Wardagger (5)

Fine overall condition, the blade has some very minor pitting and light drag marks. The grip is excellent with a few light scratches and dents. The scabbard is very good with scattered light scratches and handling marks In April in 1933, Dr Bernard Rust, Minister for Science, Education and Culture, set up the first of a number of special residential institutions to train the future Nazi elite. They were termed National Political Education Institute [Nationalpoltische Erziehungsanstalt (NPEA)]. 3 schools were opened in 1933, 5 in 1934, 8 in 1935. Favorite locations were old Army cadet schools, requisitioned monasteries and refurbished castles. The motto of the NPEA was "Mehr sein als scheinen" which translated means "Be modest but always excel". The training was designed to prepare the Nazi elite with the necessary skills and ideology to act as a leader in state departments or the Army. Each school enrolled about 400 students, of which about only 100 students were successful.

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