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Rare Third Reich Coat of Arms wax seal stamp.


LISTED Nov 26, 2019

Tampa, Florida

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Coat of Arms Wax seal : Der direktor der landes elektrizitätswerke (Head director of the country's electric companies.) Ultra rare wax seal . The seal was recovered from destroyed SIMENS factory and most likely used by Hermann von Siemens. Siemens (at the time: Siemens-Schuckert) exploited the forced labour of deported people in extermination camps. The company owned a plant in Auschwitz concentration camp. During the final years of World War II, numerous plants and factories in Berlin and other major cities were destroyed by Allied air raids. To prevent further losses, manufacturing was therefore moved to alternative places and regions not affected by the air war. The goal was to secure continued production of important war-related and everyday goods. According to records, Siemens was operating almost 400 alternative or relocated manufacturing plants at the end of 1944 and in early 1945.

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